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Post subject: Interesting history...  PostPosted: Sep 28, 2017 - 03:27 AM
Ultra Distance
Ultra Distance

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Many of us have ridden Hulseytown Rd.
My friend Rick sent me the link to this story...

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga., Nov. 4 — (AP) — A father and son were electrocuted today for murder, the father protesting innocense and the son, after a suicide attempt, confessing sole guilt and pleading: "Don't kill my dad for something I did myself."

The dramatic confession of the son, 31-year-old Fred Hulsey came in the death cell after he had slashed his throat and left wrist with a safety razor blade. The suicide attempt came while the prison chaplain was reading Scriptures to Fred and his father, William, 58.

"I am the only one responsible," shouted Fred, hysterically. "My father only helped me to dispose of the bodies in order to help me out of my trouble." Guards prevented him from further injuring himself.

The Hulseys were convicted of slaying Clifford Jones after a poker brawl on their farm near Rockmart in north Georgia in June 1930, and were indicted, but not tried, for killing two other men.

Fred Hulsey admitted today he slew Jones and Lige Harper and Ernest McCullough and said the father's only part in the crime was in helping him put the bodies in an abandoned well.

The suicide attempt — unexplained at the prison where razor blades are barred in the death cell — held up the execution for nearly four horus while prison authories consulted Governor Richard B. Russell Jr.

The governor, in North Carolina for an address on behalf of the democratic national ticket, was reached by telephone and ordered that the execution proceed if young Hulsey's wounds were not considered fatal.

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