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Post subject: Bike & Build report on ride via Silver Comet Trail to Rome  PostPosted: Jun 24, 2013 - 07:39 PM
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Distance Rider

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28 B&B cyclists started their cross country ride from Charleston to Santa Cruz in May. CVCA and Habitat were their hosts in Rome's overnight stay. See if you recognize some of the area they traversed on their way to Rome!

Norcross to Roma, GA
June 4th, 2013
85 mile day from Norcross to Rome, GA! We were all sore when we woke up due to the hills yesterday so we were nervous about doing an 85 miler today. However, it turned out to be such an amazing ride that a lot of people said it was the best ride they’ve had so far! First, we passed through an urban area near Atlanta. We were close enough to see the Atlanta skyline so everyone was pretty pumped about that! The roads were busy but the drivers were generally courteous. While Austin, Dan, Josh, Brian, and I were waiting in a left turn lane for a break in traffic to make the turn, the driver directly behind us started honking. Grumpily, I turned around to see what the driver’s deal was, but it turns out that he just wanted a picture of us! We posed while he took a picture from the driver’s seat with his phone and then he gave us the thumbs up! That was a good omen for how the rest of the day would turn out.
Amazingly, we had 40 miles today on a be-YOU-tiful bike path!!!! It was scenic, shady, flat, relatively empty of other people, and (of course) there were NO cars!!! That is pretty much as perfect of a route as you can get! We are all blown away at how gorgeous northern Georgia is! The bike path was so smooth and pleasant to ride that we only stopped a few times to eat a snack, climb some rocks, eat lunch, and then go swimming at “Coot Lake” which happened to be right next to the bike route. There was a fee to get in, but due to our dashing good looks (….probably more likely due to our pungent body odor) the cashier let us jump in the lake for free! Donation magic!
After a refreshing swim, the bike path soon ended and we had 20 miles through the scenic but hilly Georgia countryside. The beautiful landscapes were not enough to distract us completely from the burning in our quads as we struggled up steep hills that sometimes threatened to roll us backward. Some of us questioned ourselves why we were subjecting our bodies to such torture. However, after we arrived on the amazing campus of Berry College, our aches and pains were immediately forgotten when we realized that we would be staying in dorm room suites tonight, complete with our very own BEDS!!!! Every rider gets a room to themselves complete with a bathroom for every two people and a BED!! We are being treated like Kings and Queens tonight!
Our hosts are so lovely, and we have been sharing stories with them throughout the evening. Dinner was absolutely delicious with desserts galore, including a mouth-watering homemade carrot cake. They are spoiling us here at Berry College!
Even though we’re all tired, we’ve heard so much about the amazing wildlife that appears at night on the Berry campus so we will have to stay awake to see it! Apparently, there’s a field where hundreds of deer show up each night to have some sort of deer party/gathering. Hopefully, they’ll be out there tonight!
Well, I’m off to explore more of the 15,000 acre campus and talk to our hosts! (I will probably grab a few more cookies on my way!) Thanks for reading!

They are a fun group of college students and always a pleasure to host.

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