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Post subject:   PostPosted: May 29, 2011 - 01:27 AM
Distance Rider
Distance Rider

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cycling50 wrote:
Micah, no one around here seems to know anything about Calhoun Gap, which indicates that it is not a paved road. I could be wrong, but I wouldn't want to chance trying to ride that road.

Thanks. Maybe WG and I will have a strada biancha race on it.
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Post subject:   PostPosted: May 30, 2011 - 11:00 PM
Distance Rider
Distance Rider

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Whew....that ended up being a hot ride! The first half was pretty shady, but the second half got a little brutal between hills and sun.

Thanks to Micah, Forrest, and Neal for riding with us....well that is not quite an accurate statement. Micah and Forrest left from Calhoun, rode over Horn Mt. to join us and returned the same way. They also formed the fast group along with two of our members. I heard they averaged around 20 mph for the hilly 60 mile route. This is all hearsay as I never saw them again once we left the parking lot. I counted about 21 people at the start.

Neal rode strong in the middle group and I was predominantly in the last group; although, a few times I was on Big Ring's wheel and managed to stay ahead of the other group. My calves started to tighten up and I backed off his wheel. Our group was about 16 mph.

Several of us hit the ice cold water of the creek when we returned. Boy did that feel good. When we left, my feet started cramping so I couldn't push the accelerator. I had to get Shirley(who had ridden up with someone else)to drive my car until the cramps stopped! Ouch!

Anyway, I hope Micah and Forrest made it back safely and had a good ride. I was able to get feedback from Neal and also met his son and wife.
Hope y'all will come back to join us again. Next time it will be for a cooler ride and maybe a flatter one!

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Post subject:   PostPosted: May 30, 2011 - 11:48 PM
Ultra Distance
Ultra Distance

Joined: May 10, 2010
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So much for this being a 2 days + gaps + 2 days recovery ride. 4 days, growl. Candy for someone like Jim or Cody, but it was a bit of a challenge for the rest of us. Smile

Micah and I had a great ride. We started in Calhoun, rode over Horn Mountain, and met up with the CVCA people. I think that both of us were completely fried from some previous rides (4 days consecutive for me at least), and he pretty much destroyed Horn Mountain. We quickly arrived at the starting point, and the lady organizing all of this was absolutely wonderful, and we were quickly set off to ride.

We hammered it at the beginning which got me totally worried. Dude on the TT bike was doing a conversational 35mph on level ground which pretty instantaneously separated the As from the Bs. After a few miles, there were between five and ten of us (thanks to Micah's descents), and after a few more miles, it was only five of us. I felt kind of bad around mile 10 for not taking the lead as I kept drafting Micah and told the guys that it was a recovery ride for me. When it hit for me to go at lead dude again, I finally relented, downshifted a few gears, and pulled a little and hammered it from the front to not be a complete embarassment. So at that point, I probably pulled for a few miles, and once I moved to the back, the cute redhead at the back (dannnnnnnng it!) didn't want to stay with us and dropped back. Story of my life.

For the rest of the route, we had a pretty good pace, and everyone did a good pull. Micah had a hard time around mile 75 which more or less amounted to a pretty bad electrolyte imbalance. I've done the gaps with him many times, and this time, yeeeeowwwwwch!

I also saw Wolverine at the start, and he looked ferocious this time, as if he wanted to completely destroy this metric cent. How did it go for you, dude?

For those of you who are homominems-happy with garmin:
84.43 mi
18.1 mph avg
41.1 mph top
4904 cal
80 rpm avg
4340 ft ascent

P.S. 4-29-2017!!!!
FTS vs BJP @ Walker, Floyd, Chattooga
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