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TimH - Apr 06, 2018 - 05:32 PM
Post subject: Sosebee Road Ride - 43/37 miles - Sun 4/8 10AM
Sosebee Road Ride - 43/37 miles - Sun 4/8 at 10:00 AM

What: 43 or 37 miles of low traffic, rolling country roads
Where: Ride starts at Sosebee Cycling Park, White Georgia
When: Sunday 4/8 @ 10:00 AM

The route is 43 miles of rolling country roads with 1950 ft elevation including one climb of significance up Carter Mountain Rd followed by a gorgeous descent along Salacoa Creek. Bring a camera! There is an option to shorten the route to 36.5 mi/1600 ft by omitting the climb and descent but the route is no less enjoyable. There will be an opportunity for a store stop approximately half way through the ride in Fairmount.

43 Mile Route:

37 Mile Route:

Sosebee Cycling Park is located at 465 Simpson Rd. NE, White, GA 30184.

All roads are paved - this isn't a gravel ride. Expected pace is 15 to 17 MPH. Faster riders and hammerheads are welcome but will need to be self sufficient if off the front. No one will get dropped or left behind.

Weather Underground is calling for mostly sunny skies and 43° at 10:00 AM with temperatures rising into the 50's during the ride. Wind should be light and there is almost zero chance of rain. Check this thread if weather is questionable.

678.462.6698 is my cell. Don't hesitate to call or text.

rlaz - Apr 07, 2018 - 03:05 PM
Post subject: RE: Sosebee Road Ride - 43/37 miles - Sun 4/8 10AM
Tim, if you want to stretch the 43 mile route by about 3 miles or so there is some nice climbing on a twisty road and some great views. Instead of turning right onto Irwin Mill from Ryo Mountain Loop turn left and follow Irwin Mill up to Townsend Teague (one of my favorite roads with some great views). At the end of Townsend Teague turn right onto Salacoa Road and then after a few hundred yards left onto Johnson Mountain Road (for some reason RWGPS map calls this short section of Johnson Mountain Salacoa Road but the road sign says Johnson Mountain). There is an initial short steep decent - be careful of that sharp right - before crossing the bridge and heading up Johnson Mountain. There are some nice views at the top of or just a little past the top of Johnson and then a steep decent which you need to be careful on. At the end of J. Mountain turn right on 411 then left on Mt. Pleasant and pick up your original route.
TimH - Apr 07, 2018 - 03:44 PM
Post subject:
Thanks Robert!

I looked at those roads on the map and wondered. Last weekend I headed up Carter Mountain and wandered around a bit, wound up coming down Irwin Mill to 411. The area is gorgeous and you confirmed what I suspected, that the other roads in those hills are just as beautiful.

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