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webgeek - Jan 30, 2018 - 07:22 PM
Post subject: Lance'18, talks about betrayal.
Oprah: Five years later...
Interview Jan 24, 2018
Betrayal, trust & adjustment.
He appears to be living at a more modest scale.
This video had an also modest, 172 views when posted.
Yuppiepuppie - Feb 01, 2018 - 06:18 AM
Post subject: RE: Lance
I wonder how many people entered cycling because of Lance Armstrong? One must admit that he brought excitement and electricity to the sport for many years. The counterbalance would be, of course, the doping and scandal side of the equation. Now that the Lance has fallen, the sport in the US has diminished, with the excitement and energy in the past, Fewer people are now on the trail as a result, and Bicycling Magazine has gotten thinner.

So while one action doesn't validate the other, I see our sport in the US in bad need of another "Champion".
TimH - Feb 01, 2018 - 06:03 PM
Post subject: RE: Lance
Pro cycling is becoming increasingly irrelevant to ordinary cyclists on the street and ordinary cyclists and their bikes no longer reflect pro cycling as clearly as they once did.

There will always be a demand for high end, race oriented bikes but wide tires, endurance geometry and disk brakes are becoming the norm. Bikes like the Trek Domain and Specialized Diverge are examples. Even Cervelo is doing the C3 and C5. Going further, there's gravel. All3Sports in Dunwoody is a high end triathlon shop and now they have Lynskey gravel bikes in the center of their showroom floor.

Cyclists habits are changing away from the crit oriented race scene as well. All road, any road, adventure, gravel, bikepacking... that's where the energy is. Lance himself now rides gravel. Dozens of cyclists were out on the forest service roads training for Southern Cross last weekend.

These bikes and this type of riding translate well into fast commuters for more urban environments, especially in the big urban centers up North.

I think the sport is alive and well, just moving away from the style of pro road cycling.

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