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webgeek - Jan 07, 2018 - 04:46 PM
Post subject: some of you might remember Paul...
Paul hosted the Breakfree rides many years ago.
He rides with Vern's Wed Chaingang group now.
An email from Paul, to the Chaingang group...
This morning on a cold brutal ride with a start temp of 58* and NW wind of 15 mph i had this older than me guy coming at me on the dike. I am into the head wind and knowing he had to do a turn around and ride behind me. I kept watching and thought he is gaining on me!! Big ring now into the wind at 18 mph and he is still gaining! My first thought; this must be a young dude whom looks old. Finally I realize he is passing me. So i decided i should get a good look 👀 and stay with him. I hung on long enough to realize i was doing battle with an elect bike 🚲 and lost!

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