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gocatscanes - Jan 06, 2018 - 06:29 PM
Post subject: Hincapie Gran Fondo coming to Chattanooga
The Hincapie Gran Fondo is expanding to Chattanooga this year - May 5 weekend. I think Glenn has done the one in Greenville and all the reports I have seen say this is a great event. Not really cheap although before the end of last year it was 158 for the 80 miler and is now 203.
It does have proceeds going to the Chattanooga Food Bank so you could probably deduct some portion of it on your taxes. I am sure you could also "poach" it and get all the associated activities for free - not that I am recommending that Very Happy. I am likely doing it and there are some cheap rooms available in Chattanooga outside of the downtown area or even in the Dalton area for those interested in staying. They have a few cool VIP packages that aren't "unreasonable" - 1000 bucks for the Gold that includes the ride, Kit, VIP Parking, Lunch with the Pros, and after party with the Pros as well as some other perks thrown in - I am sure it will be a large event. For those that haven't done any riding in the Chattanooga area it is really some fine riding - although I think a lot of people have done 3 state which includes some of the route.

Would be good to get a group together to do the ride - I'm thinking going up on Thursday and riding thru Sunday as there will be quite a few shop and group rides going on around this, I'm sure Mike at Suck Creek will be hosting a few gatherings/rides.
TimH - Jan 25, 2018 - 01:16 AM
Post subject: RE: Hincapie Gran Fondo coming to Chattanooga
I may have to do this.

Thanks for posting about it.

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