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Welcome to

Welcome to the cycling eCommunity*

Everett Mtn CCC

Have you ever been bored of cycling alone and wanted to join a group? Have you ever wanted to meet people who share the same passion for cycling that you do? Join our community and share your enthusiasm. We have groups with interest in road, mountain bike, touring and racing.
If you don't see what you are looking for, planning a trip or tour and have questions, just ask in the forums or email me directly at:

What is
First, let's discuss what it is not. is not a monolithic bike club, nor is it affiliated with a local bike shop. There is no site based agenda to promote a particular club, shop, equipment or bicycle brand. By design the site is neutral with respect to politics, religion or social issues. Of course "green" topics and legislation often effect the quality of our cycling environment and thus, appropriate topics. is not here to be the focal point, but rather to focus attention on the efforts of our community members to improve the quality of our cycling world.

So, more specifically, what is
It is a web based cycling community, structured to provide information sharing about cycling in general, local club activities, ride groups, rides, routes and cycling related events. Currently, most of the activity on the site relates to North-West Georgia, but anyone, from anywhere is invited to share their cycling experiences or ask questions about the local area.

The information on the site is available to anyone, there is no expectation that you should register to find something here. However, to post in the forums you must register. The reason for that is simple... it prevents anonymous spamming by the nefarious spam bots that prowl the web.

The photo to the right is from one of our local rides, on Everett Mtn Rd, south-west of Rockmart Georgia. The numerous hardwoods make it an especially beautiful ride during spring or fall and the heavy shade make it a welcome climb in summer. Check out the Photo Gallery and see some of the beautiful rural terrain that Georgia offers for your cycling adventures.

Enjoy your time here with our community.
Remember to be a Cycling Citizen.
"How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."
-- Anne Frank

Chris aka "webgeek"

*-- Wikipedia eCommunity: A virtual community, e-community or on-line community is a group of people that primarily interact via communication media such as letters, telephone, email or Usenet rather than face to face. Virtual and on-line communities have become a supplemental form of communication between people who interact in real life. Often, several types of technologies are used in social software, either separately or in combination, including text-based chat-rooms and forums that use voice, video text or avatars. Significant socio-technical change has resulted from the proliferation of such Internet-based social networks. It has resulted in a re-weaving of the fabric that we call community.

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Saturday, July 11, 2020 05:06 PM EDT
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