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Recent ATLbike Trail Team News and Projects: Updated:20170921
20170920: Cleaned the SCT from the Cobb line to Rockmart. Total run distance was 47 miles. Removed slumped dirt/rock at 3 locations. Cleared the drains at Olivett. Trimmed several instrusive branches.
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Strava Club: ATLbike Last Week Leaderboard
RankTotal MilesLongest RideTotal Climb
FirstAli Tariq  194.7 miNeal Uhlich  82.3 miWendy Gardiner  10,098 ft
SecondMark Adams  167.3 mivern zander  82.2 miMark Adams  9,918 ft
ThirdD Lowery  167.2 miAli Tariq  77.3 miJeff Grinkevich  9,014 ft
Strava Club: Silver Comet Last Week Leaderboard
RankTotal MilesLongest RideTotal Climb
FirstTesca Fitzgerald  279.3 miTesca Fitzgerald  118.5 miTesca Fitzgerald  11,919 ft
SecondNick Xyooj  216.6 miMark Bohan  104.3 miJake Chandler  10,876 ft
ThirdMark Bohan  180.5 miDerrick Britton - Team Zoot SE  100.2 miTri Joe  10,302 ft
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