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Recent ATLbike Trail Team News and Projects: Updated:20170921
20170920: Cleaned the SCT from the Cobb line to Rockmart. Total run distance was 47 miles. Removed slumped dirt/rock at 3 locations. Cleared the drains at Olivett. Trimmed several instrusive branches.
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Strava Club: ATLbike Last Week Leaderboard
RankTotal MilesLongest RideTotal Climb
FirstJim Holland  301.5 mivern zander  73.6 miChris Sieverson  7,757 ft
SecondJeff Grinkevich  190.1 miJames Hardy  70.6 miJeff Grinkevich  7,687 ft
ThirdJames Hardy  146.1 miAli Tariq  62.2 miClint Fowler  7,109 ft
Strava Club: Silver Comet Last Week Leaderboard
RankTotal MilesLongest RideTotal Climb
FirstJim Holland  400.7 miJon Hauck  115.9 miConner Reinhardt  17,866 ft
SecondTri Joe  312.2 miConner Reinhardt  106.1 miTri Joe  14,426 ft
ThirdConner Reinhardt  235.0 miTri Joe  86.7 miJon Hauck  9,521 ft
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