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Recent ATLbike Trail Team News and Projects: Updated:20170921
20170920: Cleaned the SCT from the Cobb line to Rockmart. Total run distance was 47 miles. Removed slumped dirt/rock at 3 locations. Cleared the drains at Olivett. Trimmed several instrusive branches.
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Strava Club: ATLbike Last Week Leaderboard
RankTotal MilesLongest RideTotal Climb
FirstTerri Wilson  318.4 miTerri Wilson  147.0 miNikki Strickland  19,798 ft
SecondNikki Strickland  235.6 miAli Tariq  75.4 miTim Hollingworth  11,645 ft
ThirdJim Holland  194.6 miNikki Strickland  72.7 miWendy Gardiner  10,203 ft
Strava Club: Silver Comet Last Week Leaderboard
RankTotal MilesLongest RideTotal Climb
Firstchris k  280.0 miTesca Fitzgerald  101.8 mijerome GRILHOT  24,701 ft
SecondJohn Christopher Matyjasik  249.9 miLandon Mortensen  84.1 miChaka Qom  13,742 ft
ThirdJon Hauck  217.5 miDane Newman  82.7 miJohn Christopher Matyjasik  12,730 ft
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