Jim ran the trail blower for a remarkable 70 miles today on the Silver Comet Trail!

Jim cleaned from Mc Pherson Church Rd to the Alabama line.  This is hard work, you can only run 10-13 mph for effective cleaning.  I feel guilty, I was off playing today, riding my bike.  Jim mentioned that the trail was again covered with debris west of Cedartown, again, apparently  from the county work crews.

This is how it looked last time I cleaned it:

Trail Debris

Trail Debris

In addition to the mess, there was also a tree down on the trail,  that we found out later,  had been there a couple of weeks.  I called Danny Ashley and he will bring these points up in the Tuesday GRITS meeting.

Poor Jim.  In spite of all his hard work today, two women stopped him and complained about the condition of the trail.  One of the ladies  pointed out that he had only cleaned half the trail.  He politely explained that he had to make the return pass to clean the other half.  They also wanted to know why he hadn’t cleared the tree on the trail, which he hadn’t even seen.  HELLO ladies, it’s Sunday.  Apparently these sweet ladies weren’t bright enough to figure out that Jim was a volunteer, slaving away ALL day and providing the fuel to power the trail blower+ATV and gas for his truck to tow it from Douglasville.  He’s way to kind… I asked if he told them he was a volunteer, he said no.   I assure you, I wouldn’t have been so kind.  He said his feelings were hurt.  On the other hand, another rider stopped him and gave him $10 for gas.   I hope I get the opportunity to chat with those ladies.

On another positive note, Jim’s son Lance, took their tractor out and cleared out all the mud and debris that was causing the flooding on the trail near the Atlanta Rd bridge heading into Rockmart.    That has been a nagging problem for years.   Jim said it looked really nice.   I haven’t seen this section yet, but will try and get some pictures Friday.

If you see Jim (he’s the guy that looks like Santa Claus and rides a recumbent) be sure to thank him and give him some cash for gas!