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Request to repair CSX RxR Grade Crossings on the Silver Comet Trail

I contacted CSX and logged a request, Case#:90701, to inspect and repair the RxR grade crossings at Bethlehem Rd and Hendrix Rd.  There is actually three RxR crossings on this section of trail, the third crossing on Old Cedartown, is in better condition.

January 29, 2011

Mr. Chris Pettit

Dear Mr. Pettit:

You recently contacted CSX concerning the condition of the highway-rail crossings at Hendrix Road and Bethlehem Road. We have forwarded your concern to the appropriate department within CSX. Additionally, a CSX representative will inspect the crossings and investigate your concern.

For your information, CSX crossing repairs and maintenance are completed on a scheduled basis. CSX is involved with maintenance and construction of approximately 36,000 crossings and bridges within our 23-state network.

As a company dedicated to safety, we want to be sure the crossings are safe, for pedestrians, motor vehicles, and our trains.

Thank you for contacting us.

I guess it is tough keeping up with 36,000 crossings and bridges in 23 states.  They did a good job on the ones they fixed in Rockmart downtown.  Hopefully we can get some action on repairing crossings that the Silver Comet Trail utilizes.  Now that I have a case number I’ll see if can find out whose responsible for the follow-up and make some calls.   I’d like to propose that they give the cyclists and walkers a separate crossing with something like like the Hi-Rail Rubber Grade Crossing or similar cyclist and pedestrian friendly crossing that parallels the road.  This would be much safer than the current design which  forces cyclists and pedestrians to cross a double set of tracks and ride/walk the road to reach the trail connector.

HiRAIL Rubber Grade Crossing

HiRAIL Rubber Grade Crossing

Update: new grates for the Brushy Mtn tunnel

Good news.  Spoke with Ken Apperson at Ohio Gratings today, and he is still very enthusiastic about helping us replace the grates at the Brushy Mtn tunnel.  In fact, he admitted he spent more  time thinking about this than he should have.  We are now looking at cutting the concrete for a new custom design grate built specifically to  fit our requirement.

I have an appointment Saturday afternoon with a contractor that specializes in concrete drilling and sawing.  I’m taking him up to the tunnel to see the current grates and determine if he can make the required cuts.

If we can get the grates replaced with cutting the concrete versus re-pouring the concrete and installing an embed-frame, it will save many thousands of dollars and many weeks of planning, design and fabrication work.  A BIG thank you to Ken for proposing and designing this approach.

the Atlbike Trail Foundation site

Welcome to the Atlbike Trail Foundation web site.

We are using as our home site.  Of course, the main goal of the site is to encourage and promote local cycling.  The foundation is just an extension of this goal and a way to manage the cost of the ambitious goals that started in 2010.

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