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Strava Club: ATLbike Last Week Leaderboard
RankTotal MilesLongest RideTotal Climb
FirstD Lowery  197.7 miTim Price  105.0 miWendy Gardiner  12,051 ft
SecondJeff Grinkevich  187.8 miBrian Goodman  75.1 miD Lowery  7,989 ft
ThirdCosta MTB  175.3 miJames Hardy  71.4 miJeff Grinkevich  7,641 ft
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Recent ATLbike Trail Foundation News and Projects: Updated:20161204
Thanks to Joe Crane who helped with the clean-up at the Brusy Mtn tunnel. We rented a Dingo (mini skidsteer) loader from HD and got all the rock moved and drainage cleared; removed the leaf debris from the silt fences. We worked until the impending rain started. Rental cost on the Dingo was $230 for the day.
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 Personal Checks can be: Mailed Here
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Strava Club: ATLbike Last Week Leaderboard
RankTotal MilesLongest RideTotal Climb
FirstD Lowery  197.7 miTim Price  105.0 miWendy Gardiner  12,051 ft
SecondJeff Grinkevich  187.8 miBrian Goodman  75.1 miD Lowery  7,989 ft
ThirdCosta MTB  175.3 miJames Hardy  71.4 miJeff Grinkevich  7,641 ft
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